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Darryl Feldman

MAIN: 301.715.8110
FAX: 301.715.8112
Darryl Feldman is a co-founder and principal of Feldman Jackson and concentrates his practice on the negotiation, settlement, and litigation of family law matters in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Darryl’s cases routinely involve comple… View Darryl's Profile
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Anne Marie Jackson

MAIN: 301.715.8110
FAX: 301.715.8112
Anne Marie Jackson is a co-founder and principal of Feldman Jackson, representing clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, support, and property division issues. Anne Marie chose to concentrate her practice in family law becaus… View Anne Marie's Profile
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Rebecca C. Shankman

MAIN: 301.715.8110
FAX: 301.715.8112
Rebecca C. Shankman is a partner at Feldman Jackson. For nearly 15 years, she has practiced exclusively in the area of family law in the District of Columbia and Maryland, which includes divorce, custody and child support, division of property, spous… View Rebecca's Profile
Rebecca's Practice Areas:  Collaborative Divorce
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John S. Dame

MAIN: 301.715.8110
FAX: 301.715.8112
John S. Dame joined the firm in 2018. Prior to entering private practice, John served as the Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Cynthia Callahan of the Sixth Circuit of Maryland. Judge Callahan is the author of Fader’s Maryland Family Law. She is… View John's Profile
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Rachel De Rose

MAIN: 301.715.8110
FAX: 301.715.8112
Rachel De Rose joined Feldman Jackson in 2019. Rachel has an extensive background in education, which has given her exposure to working with families of all shapes and sizes. Rachel started her law school career with a concentration in family law whe… View Rachel's Profile
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