Child Custody and Support

Disputes over child custody and support can be highly contentious. The process of reaching a resolution is often stressful not only for parents, but for children. We are dedicated to helping clients navigate these challenging matters to a successful outcome with dignity and care.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Child custody arrangements may be agreed upon by the parents, or decided by the courts if parents are unable to reach agreement. When courts make decisions about custody, they do so based on the "best interests of the child" factors that are set forth in case law and statutes.

Many families find that, when given the proper legal guidance and support, they are able to craft custody agreements that are tailored to their and their children's particular needs, without the need for court intervention. In addition, many people better adhere to a custody plan they have been involved in creating, rather than one that was imposed upon them.

We have decades of experience resolving child custody issues in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Whenever possible, we help our clients to resolve their child custody disputes in a dignified, non-litigated manner designed to minimize conflict and facilitate a respectful, effective co-parenting relationship. We assist clients with custody issues including:

  • Child custody in divorce
  • Custody modifications
  • Parental relocation
  • Custody between unmarried parents
  • High-conflict custody disputes
  • Need for supervised custody

We recognize that while it is often desirable for parents to negotiate a custody agreement, it is not always possible. We are experienced litigators and have regularly been recognized in local publications as top divorce lawyers in the area. If litigation is necessary, we are prepared to take decisive action in court to protect clients and their children and litigate custody issues.

Child Support

Both Maryland and the District of Columbia have statutory Child Support Guidelines that govern child support. The Guidelines, however, are only presumptive up to certain income thresholds. Beyond those income thresholds, child support is determined with the principles of the Guidelines in mind and in the discretion of the court. We are experienced with all aspects of child support calculations, and have helped clients resolve child support disputes under a variety of challenging circumstances, including:

  • Income that exceeds levels addressed by the guidelines
  • High income cases
  • Children with special needs
  • Self-employment or irregular income
  • Allegations of under-reported or concealed income
  • Modifications of child support

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