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We have decades of experience helping people successfully navigate what is perhaps the most challenging time of their lives. We have handled hundreds of divorces, and we have that taking a personalized approach to every divorce case we work on yields… Read More


No one understands the needs of your family like you do. When you are divorcing, or in the midst of a family law dispute, it makes sense for you to be involved in crafting a resolution. At the same time, issues like child custody, property division,… Read More

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce, by its nature, involves conflict, but it does not have to involve hostility and litigation. A contentious divorce takes a toll that affects the entire family and creates lasting negative consequences. Fortunately, there are other options ava… Read More

Child Custody and Support

Disputes over child custody and support can be highly contentious. The process of reaching a resolution is often stressful not only for parents, but for children. We are dedicated to helping clients navigate these challenging matters to a successful… Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between prospective spouses that addresses the financial rights between those spouses in the event of divorce or death during the marriage. A prenuptial agreement, if well drafted, will reduce litigation in the ev… Read More

What To Expect In An Initial Consultation

The decision to involve a lawyer in your family dispute may be one of the most difficult steps to take. It makes your situation more real and may start the process for major changes that would impact your family. Although this step is a hard one, vis… Read More